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Photo Op 20

nikon d3300 1-5-18 124During my travels last week, I stumbled upon this amazing shot. It was bitter cold and I noticed there were rainbow colors refracting through the clouds, so I pulled my truck over and started┬ásnapping pics. This was the best shot I took. It’s important to note that this picture has not been modified in any way. No Photoshop or any other editing program. My camera also had no filter on it. This is exactly the way the sky looked that day. Maybe it had something to do with the cold temperatures, but in any case, I was thrilled and in awe to be able to capture the image before it disappeared.


Image copyright 2018 Michael Kelso.

Photo op 6

kodak z612 4-1-08 088copy

Today’s pic comes to you all the way back from 2008. This is one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever taken a picture of. This was also one of the few horizon to horizon rainbows I’ve seen. It was too big to fit into one picture or even two.

Little-known fact: Photoshop (or at least the version I had then) has problems making a panorama with a rainbow in it. For whatever reason, the rainbow always comes out choppy.

Another little-known fact: The second (fainter) rainbow of a double rainbow is upside down. The red is on the bottom.