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Photo Op 12

nikon d3300 5-19-16 358

A little fog, combined with a lot of sunlight, make for a magical combination.

This pic is from last year. I was out walking around the yard on a foggy morning when the sun broke through the clouds and gave me this amazing picture.

I love the refraction in the rays that brings out part of the spectrum of light.

I took several pictures, but this one had the best and brightest colors to it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



Image copyright 2016 Mike Kelso

Tuesday Photo Challenge-Yellow

nikon d90 10-26-16 151Autumn is my favorite time of year for pictures. The mountains and hillsides seem to explode with color. What was a simple patch of trees becomes an amazing quilt of color.

I ran across this tree in mid change, having already blanketed the ground with fallen leaves. With the sun behind it, the yellow leaves seemed to glow.