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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden

nikon d90 7-22-16 047copy

As soon as I read the title of this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge, I knew exactly which one I wanted to use. I took this picture just over a year ago and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

Not far from my house is a lake that has many waterfowl residents including this Heron. The Herons are usually very skittish and I was surprised that this one stood there long enough for me to take its picture.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three

6-21-12 153copy

2012 is when this picture comes from. And tempting as it is, I’ll refrain from using the famous line about dark and stormy nights.

This is yet another of my lucky lightning shots. But then, I consider all of my lightning shots to be lucky. There’s just no way you can plan out a lightning shot except for point the camera where you think it might strike and hope for the best. As usual, I took around 500-1000 pictures just to get two or three good ones. Not exactly a high percentage.

I did give some lightning tips in a previous post, so I’ll refer to that here instead of rehashing it.

Enjoy the pic.



Tuesday Photo Challenge: Woods

nikon d3300 5-19-16 012Image copyright 2016 Mike Kelso

As soon as I saw that the theme for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge was going to be Woods, I knew exactly which picture I would use. 

I took this picture two miles away from my house. It was a foggy morning, and I was hoping that some of that fog would linger until I arrived with my camera. As luck would have it there was plenty of fog left on this little back road, and I was soon happily snapping away. 

I took this picture with a specific purpose. To use for the cover of my short story collection. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it. I darkened it for the book, but this is the original picture. Enjoy.



Tuesday Photo Challenge – Woods

Tuesday Photo Challenge-Yellow

nikon d90 10-26-16 151Autumn is my favorite time of year for pictures. The mountains and hillsides seem to explode with color. What was a simple patch of trees becomes an amazing quilt of color.

I ran across this tree in mid change, having already blanketed the ground with fallen leaves. With the sun behind it, the yellow leaves seemed to glow.