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Photo Op 21

nikon d3300 12-28-17 610copyAfter the bitter cold of the last two weeks, we have a bit of a warming trend going on. Now I feel like I’m able to share a few winter pics since they won’t make me feel even colder than I was.

This one was on my route one of those bitter cold days when the trees in the mountains froze in such a lovely way.


Captain Obvious takes a break

nikon d3300 1-5-18 297copy

Greetings to all, Major Irony here in place for Captain Obvious who is taking a rest at the moment. He had a hard time with his last report and ran around screaming something about his water not having enough water in it. He accepted the kind offer by the nice gentlemen for an all expense paid vacation. They tell me he likes his padded room but feels that the straight jacket chafes a little. Sergeant Sarcasm and I expect to see him back at his post sometime before the end of the year (hopefully).

But now, on with today’s report. After the last week of frigid temperatures across most of the eastern U.S. we seem to have hit a slight warming trend. With temperatures climbing I thought people might be in the mood to see a bit of weather irony. Although it was very tempting to take this particular right turn, especially last week, to see if somehow the border of this town could magically repel cold weather and live up to its name, alas, I did not. It was a pleasant fiction though, one that warmed my thoughts if nothing else to believe that there may be this amazing warm place of summer that existed even in the midst of the coldest winter.

Until next time, wishing you warm weather and lots of irony.

M. I.

Photo Op 20

nikon d3300 1-5-18 124During my travels last week, I stumbled upon this amazing shot. It was bitter cold and I noticed there were rainbow colors refracting through the clouds, so I pulled my truck over and started snapping pics. This was the best shot I took. It’s important to note that this picture has not been modified in any way. No Photoshop or any other editing program. My camera also had no filter on it. This is exactly the way the sky looked that day. Maybe it had something to do with the cold temperatures, but in any case, I was thrilled and in awe to be able to capture the image before it disappeared.


Image copyright 2018 Michael Kelso.

Photo op 19

nikon d3300 12-28-17 104

I was a little busy with releasing one novel and writing another one when fall rolled around, so I didn’t post many of the autumn pics I had taken. I’m trying to make up for that now by posting some of the ones that I really enjoy. With the bitter cold hitting so hard, I’m not sure if I’m ready to start sharing winter pics just yet.


Photo op 18

nikon d3300 12-28-17 044

Before things started getting too cold, I went down to the lake one morning and was pleasantly surprised to find the mist towering off of it in columns. I took a lot of pictures, but these ones impressed me the most. They reminded me of mini tornados. Some of them even towered above the treetops.

None of these pics were photoshopped. They all come straight from the camera.


nikon d3300 12-28-17 069nikon d3300 12-28-17 063nikon d3300 12-28-17 082

Photo Op 16

nikon d90 10-26-16 233Surprisingly, this appears to be my first fall photo op post. I say surprisingly not only because of the large number of fall pictures I’ve taken over the years but also because of my lack of photo activity during this fall season.

This tree is always one of my favorites. It’s on my drive home from work every day and I always look forward to the changing of its leaves. It always presents me with one of the most stunning examples of fall fireworks.