Photo Op 8


Image copyright 2010 Mike Kelso

This pic is another example of the title of this post. I was taking pictures of a triathalon for the local newspaper. There was a lull in the riders cycling through and I just happened to look up and see this airplane flying in a direct line with the moon. I whipped around and started shooting. Having my long range lens on, I had to focus manually, hoping I could get it right in time. Meanwhile, a few cyclists rode through looking at me and, I’m sure, wondering why I was pointing my camera in the sky. Such is the point of opportunities, taking them when they arise. 

It’s not perfect, but it makes for a great eye catcher and lends itself to all kinds of one-liners and captions.  I’m very happy with this pic and the presence of mind to get it while the opportunity while it was there. 

So, enjoy and let’s hear some of those captions.

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