Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three

6-21-12 153copy

2012 is when this picture comes from. And tempting as it is, I’ll refrain from using the famous line about dark and stormy nights.

This is yet another of my lucky lightning shots. But then, I consider all of my lightning shots to be lucky. There’s just no way you can plan out a lightning shot except for point the camera where you think it might strike and hope for the best. As usual, I took around 500-1000 pictures just to get two or three good ones. Not exactly a high percentage.

I did give some lightning tips in a previous post, so I’ll refer to that here instead of rehashing it.

Enjoy the pic.



9 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three

  1. Frank Hubeny

    My daughter took a nice lightning shot once. I haven’t been able to. I wonder if letting the camera repeat on its own, if that is possible, would be helpful.

    1. mikesimages Post author

      I used to tape my button down on my camera and let it repeat on its own. Then I bought a time lapse remote on amazon for $20 that had an option to lock the button on. Either way you try, make sure your camera is set to multiple shots or burst mode. Also, release the button every 20 minutes or so to let the memory card catch up.

  2. klara

    these are extremely good images. I am sure it is difficult to capture lighting. hein, did I understand it correctly – you press or tape a button down? so it is constantly pressed/shooting? I didn’t know it was possible.

    1. mikesimages Post author

      Yes, I folded a piece of paper very small, stuck it to the tape, then taped it across the button and down both sides, making sure that the paper was in the middle of the button.


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