Photo op 5

9-23-13 506copyImage copyright 2013 Mike Kelso

I’ve always loved trains. My father instilled that in me at a very young age. That love has endured into adulthood. As my love for photography grew, trains became some of my favorite subjects. Living in an area where there are lots of working railroads within driving distance has fueled that photography fire. 

Four years ago I saw an ad for a photo shoot at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. I jumped at the opportunity, purchasing my ticket the next day. It included a ride on the train to another station where they turn the engine on a working turntable with a platform set up for prime photos. After that, we came back down the mountain and they set up the trains for the photo shoot. Excellent lighting was also set up for better pictures. Once night fell, the engines idling, shooting steam, was magnificent for photos. This shot was one of many I took that unforgettable day. Even the workers were dressed in period authentic outfits.

If you ever get a chance to visit the WMSR, I highly recommend it. The ride and the photo shoot was an amazing experience. It was well worth the cost for any photographer who truly appreciates trains.


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