Photo op

I’ve decided to name my posts that just have one of my pics and a brief story about it, ‘Photo op’. That way it’s easily recognizable. Ok, enough of that. On with today’s picture.

nikon d90 7-22-16 047copyImage copyright 2016 Mike Kelso


This is one of my favorite pictures. I took it last summer at the same lake near my house as yesterday’s pic. It’s also one of my favorites because I actually managed to catch the Heron standing there before he flew away. I’ve been taking pictures at this lake for years and these birds are the most skittish I’ve ever come across. Even point a camera in their direction and they take off like their tail’s on fire.

I also love the lighting of this shot. When I titled it, I called it, ‘On Golden Lake’ in a rather obvious (and probably failed) attempt to conjure images of the movie ‘On Golden Pond’.

It’s pics like these that keep me taking pictures. This shot is actually the one I use on my business card for my photography site. I love it that much.

I hope you enjoy it as well. Have a great day.



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