Review of Despicable Me 3

Gru and his crew are back, and almost as funny as ever. The opening scene with the foiled heist and Gru ending in a precarious position was easily the highlight of the movie. This new villian was relentless, funny, and very eighties. After the initial battle, the movie stumbles somewhat as Gru and Lucy lose their jobs with the AVL. This leads to the most depressing scene in the movie as Agnes sells her favorite stuffed animal (the unicorn) for a dollar to help the family survive. The movie stays in this emotional valley as Lucy struggles to find her identity as a new mom. The self-confident, strong Lucy from Despicable Me 2 is replaced by one filled with self-doubt and hesitancy at her ability to be a good parent. Not exactly a laugh riot as we reach another low point when the minions become disgusted with Gru’s refusal to embrace villany and leave.

There are funny moments in this movie. I especially liked Gru having to consult his human/minion dictionary.

As Gru discovers he has a brother, and goes to visit him. The minions wander around aimlessly and end up getting thrown in jail, leading to the most funny scenes of the movie, the minions in prison.

The plot becomes a bit muddled as the Agnes looking for a unicorn story line seems very tacked on and almost a time filler. The Lucy learning to be a mom is a little better, but the Gru and Dru storyline, has its entertaining moments, it doesn’t feel like enough to carry this movie.

In the end, the minions are reunited with Gru and come back to serve a small but vital purpose.

The ending sets up obviously for another sequel.

Is this a kids movie? Yes

Did it have funny moments? Yes

Was I expecting more? Yes

I feel I’ve become spoiled with the quality of the other Despicable Me/Minions movies.

The real stars of these movies have always been the minions, and this movie was woefully lacking in minions scenes.


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