Death by blog

My mind is trying to kill me.

Have you ever had one of those nights/mornings? You wake up around 2 AM or so, go to the bathroom, come back to bed and look at the time. Realizing that you have another 2 hours to sleep, you settle in. That’s when your mind kicks in and sends you great ideas.

Now, I’ve been a writer for years. I know that when your mind sends you creative messages, you’d best listen. I started mentally taking notes on what my mind was sending me and logging it for the upcoming morning writing session.

My mind wasn’t satisfied with that. It flooded me with ideas for my next several blog posts. I fought it off for a while, hoping to get a little more sleep.

An hour later, I gave up and got up. With all the stealth I could muster (for a large, overweight, man of forty something) I carefully got out of bed, snuck over to my desk, avoiding the dark minefield of dressers, bedframes, and all other dangers that jump out and attack helpless toes in a dark room. I unplugged my laptop, making sure that all wires were removed from the various ports, and began my journey toward my writing room (which is any room where I won’t wake someone up. It usually ends up being the bathroom.) with the Mission Impossible theme music playing quietly in my head.

I reached my destination, settled in and began to regurgitate onto the screen what my mind had been nagging me about. (How’s that for some writing imagery?) An hour later I had one post done, another underway, and several other notes typed out, when the alarm on my phone rang. (I learned this lesson the hard way. Take your alarm with you when you do these early morning writing sessions.)

So now here I sit, not completely exhausted, but not well rested either, knowing I have a fourteen hour work day ahead of me. I feel great for having been inspired to write, and to be able to get said inspiration down in my computer, but I have to wonder.

Could my mind really be trying to kill me? Could this be suicide by blog?

No, my mind answered, don’t be ridiculous. Now get to work on your next post.



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