I’m driving home from work the other day and need to stop at the local Mom&Pop store to pick up a few things. After procuring my supplies I get back in the car to finish the trip to my sanctuary that I call ‘home‘.

I stop at a red light, glance across the intersection, and see an older woman lower her car window. Her little dog (I think it was a Pomeranian or some other such tiny dog that looks like it was designed by a deranged toymaker) nearly jumps out of the window as the woman turns toward me.

My first thought is: What an idiot! She’s going to kill someone while trying to keep that dog from jumping out of the window.

I shake my head at the general insanity of some drivers, when suddenly she stops beside me, blocking the street. Not sure what to think, I hesitate.

Has this woman somehow read my mind and is stopping to give me a piece of hers?

Am I about to be the world’s first victim of a ninety year old carjacker?

I roll down my window.

She smiles and says, “You forgot your tea.”

How does she know anything about me? I’ve never seen this woman before. Is she some sort of weird psychic?

She points to the roof of my car.

I jump out and there on the roof sits a gallon of tea that I had bought a half a mile ago and set it on the roof to get my keys out.

Grabbing the tea, I smile and say, “Thank you,” then hop back into the car all before the light turns. She smiles back and drives away. The light turns green. I press the gas pedal and slink away like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Lessons learned:

Don’t judge by appearances.
Understanding goes a long way.
Not everyone in this world is an idiot.
Check the roof of your car before you drive away.
Every time you think someone’s an idiot, remember this story.

I’m going to go sit in my corner now.



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