Without a net

I’ve been posting (somewhat consistently) on WordPress for around 2 weeks now. This will be my first live post.

As I was driving today, I heard a commercial about insurance fraud.

(I know it sounds thrilling, bear with me.)

The woman in the commercial sounded like a middle age mom and even spoke as though she was chiding a child. Telling the listener (the child) how bad fraud was, how seroius it was, and even how much it could effect your future. I could easily envision her frowning scornfully at the microphone as she said it.

Several thoughts ran through my mind.

Firstly, I’m not a child and don’t appreciate being treated like one.

Secondly, of the people who do commit insurance fraud, how many do they think are going to hear this commercial and say to themselves, “You mean insurance fraud is wrong and even illegal? I had no idea.”

Thirdly, is this why my insurance rates are so high? Not because of fraud, but because of idiot moves like this stupid commercial. How much money did they waste on this to tell people something they already know?

How many squillions of dollars have been wasted on the countless commercials with that talking lizard?

If they want to waste money, they could pay me. I’d gladly tell every person I see that insurance fraud is wrong. I’m sure most of them will look at me like I’ve just announced that the sky is blue (as they slowly edge away from me).

In conclusion I’d like to say that fraud is wrong. I’d also like to invite every politician to turn themselves in to the authorities as soon as possible. I mean, after all isn’t lying a form of fraud?

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