My review of ‘Logan’

I’m not a huge Johnny Cash fan, however, his video of Trent Reznor’s song ‘Hurt’ is one of my favorite videos. It so perfectly typifies Johnny, his career and life. It’s like his farewell song to his fans. It’s very emotional, I’ve even gotten choked up over it. So naturally when I heard that song playing in the commercial for Logan, I got chills. I said to myself, this is it, Wolverine’s swan song. It made me want to run out and see it, however, my movie budget is confined to rentals, the occasional DVD purchase, and very few theater visits. Most of the latter are reserved for movies that start with the phrase, ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’.

Once Logan came available as a rental, I was very excited and ran out to get it as soon as I could. I was quite disappointed when it was sold out. I finally got to see it on my birthday. My wife knew I wanted to see it. When she rented it, she accidentally rented the black and white version. It was one of those awesome mistakes because I wouldn’t want to see this movie any other way now. Just knowing the story, watching it in black and white gave it such a gritty, honest feel and the perfect mood setting for this final movie.

Logan, for me, did not disappoint on any level, save one. One of the highlights was the relationship between Logan and Charles. Even from the beginning of the first X-men movie there was something special about the relationship between these two. It was that of a mentor/father figure trying to help a wandering orphan. In this movie that has come around full circle to where Logan is now taking care of Charles. It even comes to some poignant moments where their relationship very much shines through as coming full circle and now Charles instead of being the one that is confident and strong has become the one that needs help and Logan does all that he can to help and protect him. However, Charles looks at Logan and says, “You’re such a disappointment.”

Charles is slowly losing his control and once you realize what an incredibly destructive and powerful mind he has, that loss of control becomes quite frightening.

The villain in this movie was very well done. Boyd Holbrook, who played Pierce was much younger than Logan and had such a brashness and arrogance about him, and yet there was a feeling of respect and even a little bit of hero worship even though the character tried to make it seem like there wasn’t. There was a cold ruthlessness to him. He was able to threaten without making it seem like he was threatening. It was along the lines of a ‘I’m just trying to help you out’ feel.

One of the things that really stood out in this movie was the brutality of it. I can easily see why it was rated ‘R’. Fans finally got to see Logan go all out and do the things on film that we’ve always wondered about. Whenever he killed in the other movies the camera would show a quick slash or stab to the gut and then quickly cut away. In this movie they showed the sheer ferocity and ruthlessness that Logan is capable of. Even the girl’s attacks were brutal, graphic, and ferocious. It was like watching a feral cat that was cornered. Something we’ve never seen in a X-men movie before. They showed claws slicing through bone, impaling through the bottom of the skull and coming out the top, and plenty of blood splatter.

The mystery behind Logan’s and Charles illness was something that drove my curiosity throughout. The answer to it was subtle and easily missed, but chilling once you got it and allowed the thought to really sink in.

In the end I found Logan to be a very enjoyable movie and a fitting end to the series of Wolverine movies. Even the symbolism in the last scene is perfect. In fact if I were to say I had any disappointment in this movie, it would be that the song, ‘Hurt’ was nowhere in it. It was only used for the commercials. I was very disappointed in that, and think that the creators of this movie missed a tremendous opportunity. I thought it would’ve been perfect for the final credits to quietly play ‘Hurt’ while showing a montage of pictures from all the movies Wolverine has been in. It would’ve been the ultimate epitaph for this beloved character.


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